The SoCal Makers Covid-19 Response Team is fiscally backed by Hack+, a 501(c)(3) charity, EIN 81-1543325. Contributions through Donorbox are tax deductible.



5/20 Update — I’m happy to report that we are filling our requests at a very rapid pace, and our face shields have been traveling around, at this point, to 140 locations across the country! The numbers are impressive: 15,000 pieces of PPE delivered to date, and thanks to our continued support as well as…
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5/14 Update — We’ve had some great coverage in local university news lately. As of today, we’ve had 7 publications documenting the efforts of the SoCal Covid Response team, the latest of which captured a glimpse into our manufacturing process:¬† The team has delivered nearly 13,000 pieces of PPE and continues to produce at a…
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Update 5/9 — Managing a project that has grown to this scale takes an army of dedicated volunteers. Because of my *very* busy work schedule right now, team members have stepped up to help manage this project in significant ways, and I wanted to name a few more folks helping in this area. Jared Hasen-Klein…
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Late this past weekend, a total of 900 face shields were assembled by our student volunteers and staged in the Distribution Center for deliveries this week. We are now celebrating a significant milestone with nearly 10,000 face shields produced (and approx 2,000 mask straps) for a total of 12,000 PPE products. Of these, over 9,500…
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5/2 Update — This past week we debuted a new PPE request form on the project website ( and we immediately saw a spike in new requests from all across the country. Thanks to the help of community supporters and sponsors (, and of course the continued hard work of the project team volunteers, we…
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4/29 Socal Makers Covid Response Team Update — One very important thing frequently overlooked about projects like this is the incredible educational and social impacts they have for the students and hobbyists involved. While many students may be thinking of this time away from school as an extended break, those who have remained involved in…
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4/25 Update — We had a couple more amazing stories over the past few days. Early Thursday morning, a couple medical centers contacted me looking for shields as quickly as possible, as they were running out and needed to protect their staff. Thanks to hard work by our maker team, our distribution center (my garage)…
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4/22 Update — As of today, we are nearing the milestone of 5000 shields delivered! It’s so amazing to see how far this project has gone in such a short period of time. Some of the makers have shifted focus from the shields, to our second large project: mask straps. Long shifts at the hospitals…
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As of today, we are now collaborating with 14 FIRST robotics teams in the Los Angeles area, and several outside the state of CA as well. We are taking on PPE requests from other volunteers organizations across the country who suddenly found themselves a bit “in over their heads”. Our volunteers are making our first International delivery — to Ghana, Africa!