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This project already has some amazing stories to tell. Last night after midnight, a hospital near Los Angeles contacted me with an urgent need for shields — they were running out, and none of the local hardware stores had any to sell. The night shift was struggling to get the PPE they need — from what I’m told, their day shifters had first dibs, and there was nothing left for them. An emergency room staffer just couldn’t wait any longer, so he drove over to my home in Cypress (near 1:00am) and I was able to prep and provide him 100 shields for his staff right on the spot!
His team gratefully sent me the photo of his staff all wearing the shields that evening (see attached pic). The second photo is from Lakewood Medical Center!

As of today, we are now donating PPE to 23 hospitals and urgent care centers! 2 urgent shipments are going out today to the east coast: one in Brooklyn, NYC and a second one to a volunteer EMT team in North NJ. These areas are still the hardest hit, so it’s great that we are able to provide these shields where they’re needed most.

I was interviewed about this project by a good friend from way back in high school, Sam Rosenthal! Check out the interview and the start of his awesome new video series here:

Thank you all so much for your continued support! We are already making a big difference thanks to you!

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