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With over 1400 shields manufactured and hundreds prepared, today was delivery day! In just the past couple days, we have delivered to Mission Hospital, USC Verdugo Hills, Capital Health (Hopewell NJ), Arcadia Methodist, Glendale Memorial, multiple AHMC hospitals throughout Los Angeles, Haven Elite Urgent Care, and Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park. Whew, what a list!!

In other amazing news, this GoFundMe reached our initial fundraising goal of $5,000 in just 5 days! Huge thanks to so many of you who have been donating, as every little bit really does make a huge difference.
So what now? Well, I’m not looking to dilute the value of your support in any way, but I decided to raise the new total fundraising goal to $12,000, and here’s why. When I started this GoFundMe just a week ago, I recruited a small team of hobbyists and printer owners to help me make this project a reality. The original funding goal was set with reasonable production capacity in mind and a limited scope of influence in my local area. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, we completely blew this capacity out of the water! We are producing an order of magnitude faster than I imagined at the start of this project, and with dozens of hospitals coming to us with their needs, our strong production team is visualizing delivery quantities in the TENS of THOUSANDS by the time this project is over!

So, please keep spreading the word. Our team is truly delivering meaningful results right now (and every day), and they are motivated by our collective passion for solving technical problems to help those in need!

Today’s photos: just a single days’ worth of production (200 shields), today’s amazon deliveries of 12 spools of new filament (makes ~600 shields), and a custom instruction sheet that we provide to hospitals explaining assembly and sanitation procedures.

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