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The Covid Makers of Long Beach Response Team (what we are unofficially calling our manufacturing and distribution volunteer team) has been busy all weekend preparing for some big deliveries over the next couple days.
We have officially passed 1000 shields produced, another major milestone in this effort. With final assembly well underway, hundreds of shields will be delivered to major hospitals throughout the Los Angeles area, including Verdugo Hills, St. Mary Medical Center, and multiple AHMC medical centers.
We now have 15 area hospitals and medical centers requesting the shields (and growing), and we are manufacturing as quickly as possible to provide them.

In parallel, we are finding ways to mass produce equipment more efficiently, employing better tools (such as the 300-sheet hole punch for shield prep in the photo) and better processes (region-based inventory management). We continue to collect feedback from hospitals on their needs. One in particular was to help find ways to make stock equipment more comfortable and reduce pressure points. In response to this, we are beta testing and performing “rapid clinical trials” of surgical mask straps (see photo) in different materials to make it more comfortable for nurses wearing them for extended periods of time.

Featured today is Pauline, who has setup a shield assembly line in preparation for the Verdugo Hills delivery (photo below). Great work, Pauline!

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