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4/25 Update —

We had a couple more amazing stories over the past few days. Early Thursday morning, a couple medical centers contacted me looking for shields as quickly as possible, as they were running out and needed to protect their staff. Thanks to hard work by our maker team, our distribution center (my garage) had just piled up the day before with nearly 1000 assembled shields courtesy of our robotics team student makers. We got the call, and we were ready! Within just a few hours of the request, our team packaged and delivered hundreds of shields to these workers, and they were thrilled! Photo from West Covina Medical Center below.

Across the city, we made a big shield delivery to Cedar Sinai Hospital. The volunteers delivering were told that getting PPE has been so hard, in part, because many people are raising their prices and selling shields (even 3D printed ones like what we’re giving away) for magnitudes more than the normal cost, so this pandemic has become both a medical and financial burden for the hospitals. They, too, were thrilled with our delivery, and we are going to continue supporting them and other health centers with both shields and mask straps.

Stories like these are the reasons we are doing all of this. I will quote one of our makers, who said that running his printers all day and night making shields was getting physically tiring. I encouraged him to take care of himself, and that thanks to the size of our group we can keep going even if he needs a little break. He replied, “No.. if I take a break, I will know that I could have done more!” This is a special sentiment carried by so many volunteers on this team. With this type of dedication, we are going far!

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