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4/22 Update —

As of today, we are nearing the milestone of 5000 shields delivered! It’s so amazing to see how far this project has gone in such a short period of time. Some of the makers have shifted focus from the shields, to our second large project: mask straps. Long shifts at the hospitals have led to sore ears for those wearing surgical masks (and now with local ordinances in place mandating the use of face masks for everyone working in a place of business, I know exactly how they feel). We have delivered nearly 500 mask straps at this point, and this product is becoming a great supplement to our shield deliveries!

Meanwhile, we have another major shield shipment on its way to New York City. Our first international shipment to Ghana (Africa) has almost arrived to its destination as well! Big thanks to our maker volunteers for reaching out both locally and across the nation — and now world — to get our face shields in the hands of those who need them most.

Pictured below is a photo from Capital Health, one of our hospital recipients from New Jersey proudly wearing our face shields! The second photo has a fun story behind it: in order to make shield drop-offs and raw material pickup more efficient, I have established a centralized distribution center, of sorts, at my home in northern Orange County. Here, hundreds of shields arrive from makers or depart for deliveries every day. The actual drop spot is well clear of any big trees, but I noticed random branches and leaves were piling up at the drop location. What’s going on? Well, a bird decided to set up a nest in the roof crossbeams right above the drop area, and is now keeping careful watch of our shields every day. Say hello to Covey, our new security bird! She is doing her best to keep our shield drop-off spot (and the daily delivery of raw materials) spot safe. Thanks, Covey!

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