The SoCal Makers Covid-19 Response Team is fiscally backed by Hack+, a 501(c)(3) charity, EIN 81-1543325. Contributions through Donorbox are tax deductible.



4/20 Update —

The volunteers of the SoCal Makers are really coming through! With thousands of shields coming in from makers and going out to hospitals from my house every few days, this team is absolutely determined to make the biggest impact possible to fight this virus.

As of today, we are now collaborating with 14 FIRST robotics teams in the Los Angeles area, and several outside the state of CA as well. We are taking on PPE requests from other volunteers organizations across the country who suddenly found themselves a bit “in over their heads”. Our volunteers are making our first International delivery — to Ghana, Africa!

To help keep track of it all, Aaron (our of our major volunteers) helped create an impact map — showing locations of all the hospitals we have delivered to, where the volunteers are from, and where the robotics teams supporting our group are based. It’s a really cool map — check it out here:
Below is a screenshot of the Los Angeles area. Each hospital represents one of our deliveries!

To keep the project going, my house has become a centralized distribution center of sorts. I’ve ordered over 200 spools of filament so far — enough to make about 12,000 shields. I’ve purchased over 10,000 transparency sheets (and also had a few thousand donated from various places). All of this quickly goes out to our volunteers who come back days later with 100-packs of visors they produced, or full shields they assembled.

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