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4/18 Update:

Now that we’ve officially reached 20 days into this project since it was first started on March 29, I’m going to share some statistics with you about what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time:

As of today, the team has produced over 4400 face shields. Of these, over 2800 have been physically delivered to 34 different hospitals and health care centers. Most of these have been in California, but deliveries have also been made to 6 other states (NJ, NY, GA, CT, FL, and MA). Another ~1000 or so are currently being cleaned and assembled with planned deliveries between now and next Tuesday. The rest are either in transit to destination, or are getting bundled up by the makers per our standardized preparation processes.
We are also creating hundreds of mask straps, which are helping make healthcare worker’s own masks a little more comfortable during long shifts.

We currently have over 50 hospitals and other healthcare centers in our delivery commitment list (including the 34 above) and the list gets larger every day. Builders are looking to work smarter — not harder — by researching ways to automate our production line if possible. Meanwhile, one of my major goals as team lead is to reduce bottlenecks and help ensure the volunteers have everything they need to contribute to this project. To this end, I spent much of my weekend researching new tools, supply sources, and collaboration opportunities with other PPE build teams to help find ways to maximize our productivity.

Coming up this week, we have some major deliveries scheduled, including one of the biggest and most well-known hospitals in California, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. We plan to fulfill the requests of the other ~16 hospitals on our list this week as well, and of course welcome new requests as they come in.

Pictured below are representatives from Henry-Mayo hospital receiving their face shield delivery, as well as a demonstration of how our maker team reduces waste by converting old filament shipping boxes into 20-piece shield visor delivery containers!

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