The SoCal Makers Covid-19 Response Team is fiscally backed by Hack+, a 501(c)(3) charity, EIN 81-1543325. Contributions through Donorbox are tax deductible.



The SoCal Makers Covid-19 Response Team continues to grow. We now have over 100 active volunteers, with that number expected to grow dramatically as robotics teams across the Los Angeles area are stepping up to join our cause. We now have students or mentors from 14 (!!) high school FIRST robotics teams in the area. Our medical support network is becoming vast with over 50 medical centers now on our delivery list.

Tomorrow (4/17) we are scheduled to deliver 800 face shields *in just one day* to hospitals and medical centers across the Los Angeles area. Thanks to our hard working volunteer makers, shield parts are showing up by the hundreds; They don’t hang around long, however. Within a day of final assembly, they immediately go to the healthcare workers in need.

Thanks to the donations accumulated in this GoFundMe, we can keep our fast production pace as many areas of the country reach the peak of this Coronavirus pandemic. I’m working hard to source materials, and our team is continuously thinking of ways we can invest in processes or tools that can improve production rates, raise quality, and reduce unit cost.

Pictured below represents just 2 days of shield deliveries from our maker team and assembled units from our robotics student volunteers. One of the makers sent this photo of his tower of empty printer filament spools (each 1kg of filament). I have ordered and distributed over 200 spools of filament for this project so far to keep this going. We are all so proud to be working on this project!

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