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4/14 Update —

Today I wanted to share with you a few photos, each with their own special story.

Over the last couple days, FIRST Robotics team 7157 (MuBotics) joined our group looking to help assemble our face shields for final delivery to hospitals. In just two days, the ~10 students from the team cleaned, processed, and assembled 360 shields which are getting delivered to hospitals in the city of Los Angeles over the next couple days. The photo here represents one of the students showing off the team’s hard work — and they are anxious to help even more!

The next photo is of 200 cleanly packed shields, ready for delivery to New York City. These were produced by one of our team’s makers in New Jersey, and they are being delivered to NYC as we speak. Of course, I realize there are other organizations around the country creating PPE for hospitals in need. We are now reaching out to these other organizations providing help where we can, in order to help spread our project’s success. So far, we have donated hundreds of shields to the PPE4NYC organization, helped start a new production team in Hawaii by assisting them order materials and cutting their plastic sheets, shipped out cut sheets to kickstart a new PPE production team in Fresno, provided materials and collaboration/guidance to individual robotics teams in the area who are trying to distribute their own PPE production, and provided organizational/logistical guidance to several other groups throughout the country. We are creating a model for success here, and want to share that model!

Finally, I am sharing a photo of one of our makers, Alberto, who can be seen delivering a set of shields to a hospital in Los Angeles this week. After studying for exams in the morning, this student drove around all day collecting parts and delivering them before making a final batch delivery to my home (eg centralized distribution center?) in Orange County. This photo represents just one of the dozens of students carrying out a similar level of hard work, all of whom have the astounding level of enthusiasm critical to helping make this project a huge success.

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