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4/13 Update —

“This is going to save our lives”
“These are amazing, can we please get more?!”
“Our medical staff are so grateful for this delivery.”

These are just a few of the many quotes I get by e-mail every day of this campaign, after the hospitals receiving them start putting the shields to good use.

I love the photos we get — of healthcare workers wearing our shields, of volunteers making deliveries, and of builders happily peeling their shields off their printer to start making a new set. Yesterday a colleague of mine picked up a small set of shields — just 60 or so — to give to his robotics students to help assemble for a delivery in Los Angeles. The students were so excited about helping this cause, today they asked me for 300 more shields to assemble and deliver in a couple days. This project and all involved are making everyone happy — whether they are on the giving or receiving end, and it’s brought forward some incredible glimpses of teamwork to pull this all off.

In the last 24 hours alone, we have delivered or prepped over 600 shields! Almost 3500 shields made to this point. Below is a photo of staff from Bonnie Brae hospital in downtown LA.

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