The SoCal Makers Covid-19 Response Team is fiscally backed by Hack+, a 501(c)(3) charity, EIN 81-1543325. Contributions through Donorbox are tax deductible.



First and foremost, we want to once again send out a huge THANK YOU to all the folks supporting this cause. We are committed to keep this going for as long as we need to. We have termed a new team hashtag which we hope you can help spread: #SoCalMakersRespond

As of tonight, 21 healthcare centers have received face shields from us. As volunteers drove around all day delivering, I spend my day off from work laser cutting transparency sheets and trying to keep up with our 3d printing productivity! Since earlier this week, local teachers and have been helping us source more transparency sheets from closed school districts. Some of these boxes have been hiding in storage unopened for 30 years it seems, I’m happy they are finally being put to such good use!

I’m going to keep this particular Saturday evening update short and to the point: THANK YOU to all of our supporters!

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